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WiFi Production Monitoring System

Production Monitoring System is mainly used in manufacturing industries where they show real time or live data of production line. Production Display Board is also known as Status Display Board. PMS is an alternative method to collect manual data and take required production data without human intervention. Collected information will help the production staff to react timely on the incidents that can affect the desired outcome. These kinds of system should also security alarm as well as inform particular department regarding all identified problems.

Benefits :

  • It reduce setup times.
  • Real Time production information status
  • Increase production capacity and efficiency
  • Targeted and performance based
  • Improve customer service
  • Transparency in production status
  • Easy in Planning and Scheduling

Types :

  • Production Display Board
  • Machine On/Off Display Board
  • Machine Efficiency Display Board
  • Pharma Production Display Board
  • Process Cycle Timer Display Board
  • Critical Process Parameter Display
  • Process Error Display Board
  • Andon Display Board

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