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Head Count Display Board

Why do you need it and from Compucare?

Irrespective of whether you are running an industry, or a CEO or head of the HR or a department manager as a leader you need to know the headcount of your place. A headcount system or software helps you to know your talent, cost, and goals and eventually help you to align them across the organization to have the maximum and effective output and increase the efficiency of every employee. This is the reason for having a headcount machine is important for the success of your business. So what exactly is a count system or software?

What is Headcount System or Software?

In almost every sector of every industry, a headcount system or software is beneficial. In general, a headcount system or software helps you to identify A count System is a software that uses headcount machines to display the total number of employees inside the premise in real time. The headcount machine provides the live count for viewing on a dashboard. It also verifies the last access point.

Typs of Head Count Systems :

Single Door Head Count With Door Frame

led display board

Multi Door Head Count With Door Frame

led scoreboard

Here are some of the basic features of a Headcount system:

  • A live dashboard showcasing the presence of each employee inside the company premise in real time.
  • The dashboard also features the number of people occupying each zone and floor of the company premise.
  • Entrance and exit of people entering the premise are collected and processed in real time with access control data system.
  • Alerts sent to the admin or concerned person on people entering a restricted or sensitive zone.
  • The system allows the admin to track any employee date-wise and month-wise.
  • Busy areas can be monitored for overcrowding thereby providing the admin to manage the area accordingly.
  • In case of an emergency, an automatic notification is send to the admin.
  • Also, a notification is sent to the admin if the headcount of a zone goes below the desired number.
  • As the admin one can get the headcount on the computer screen as well as easily access the track records any time.
  • Real-time analytics can be accessed.
  • Various headcount reports can be generated with different combinations.
  • A headcount system also helps in regulating the compliance to building safety and ensures the emergency regulation of the company.

How Compucare's headcount system useful in the industry?

Compucare has been implementing headcount system in several well-known companies, helping them to improve not only their output but also increase their efficiency. Compucare with its expertise in this field Customize the headcount solution for your company with the following:
  • Bi Directorial Sensor Antennas and Digital LED Display Boards that are fixed on the entrance path.
  • These boards have in-built controller.
  • These controllers can sense with the antennas the increase and decrease the headcount.
  • From a long distance the display board is clearly visible.
  • The boards are designed in a way so that the outside weather condition does not damage them.

Since Compucare customize the headcount system and the headcount machine as per the client’s requirement we are able to provide the system that suits you best.