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Andon Display System

Andon Display System is a technique which utilizes visual control to show the work progress, maintains as well as process issue of machine or its also well known as information tool which offers immediate warnings, if there is presences of any problem as well as issue during the production of the machine the system quickly indicates by blinking flash light as well as nowadays various advanced technique are utilized such as audio, text or graphics (LED display) technique, so as to detect and stop the issue as early as possible. With electronic Andon display board you can see the real time status of production line.

Andon Display System Features :

  • It identifies the problematic area in the production house.
  • Gives alert to the concern person on the spot without any delay.
  • Concern person solves the problem after getting the alert and send the remark.
  • Time required for solving the problem get saved in the system.
  • Generate the monthly/weekly/daily basis report (i.e, for how much time machine was stopped and the for which reason).
  • It makes the system smooth, save the time, gives the reports.

Andon system