Truck Calling System

Truck Calling System is used in the logistics business to save time and for the smooth functioning of the business. It helps in streamlining and facilitating internal communication as it has the ability to make the workstation self-sufficient. They can also help in creating assignments without wasting much time. The truck calling system is about articulating trucks and vehicles so that there is less congestion in the logistics areas like ports, cargo docks, and the surrounding areas.

Specifications :

  • Cabinet - MS cabinet or Aluminum Frame
  • Size: Custom size
  • Supply Voltage - 230VAC
  • Embedded Controller
  • Color - Red
  • Mounting - Wall mount / Hanging type
  • Optional Color - Blue , Amber , White ,Three (Tri Color) or Full Color
  • Connectivity - Ethernet (TCP/IP)
  • Optional Connectivity - Wireless , Bluetooth , RS485 , RS232

truck calling system