Environment/Pollution Parameter Display Board

Compucare is one of the leading solution provider using Industrial LED Display Boards. Compucare offers wide range of solution using Industrial LED Display Boards that are designed based in the government norms. Environment Statistics Display Board is one such solution offered by Compucare for manufacturing industries that produce hazardous substance that are harmful to the environment.

Industry shall have the display on-line data outside the main factory gate with regard to quantity and nature of hazardous chemicals being handled in the plant, including waste water and air emissions and solid hazardous waster generated within the factory premises.

Features :

  • Display of Various Stack Emission Parameters
  • Option of Integration with Sensors
  • User friendly Software with Integration option
  • High Visibility
  • Visible day and night
  • Eco friendly
  • Power efficient
  • Robust Design
  • Weather Proof

Advantages :

  • Increases transparency
  • Increases awareness
  • Adherence to Government norms
  • Compliance to Government policy

environment display board