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  • How to choose suitable camera for my office?

    - Modern camerascome with the tried and tested CMOS (complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor)sensor technology and our products also use the reliable and economical CMOS sensor (1/3, 1/4) which captures light,converts it into electrical signals and then converts it in digital format thereby producing stunning results
    - The lens used in the camera determines the optimum distance to be captured. We provide cameras with both Fixed lens (3.6mm, 4mm, 6mm) option, Varifocal lens (2.8mm – 12mm) option and also Optical Zoom lens (up to 120m) option
    - The quality of picture produced depends on the illumination factor called LUX which is a standard unit to measure camera’s sensitivity to light. We provide cameras with built-in infrared light (IR) with range varying from 10m up to 120m which provides clear images even in zero light i.e. zero lux
    - TCP/IP Connectivity – Most offices have computers and are interconnected via TCP/IP interface using the network switch/router, IP based camera can utilize the existing network infrastructure thereby bringing down the time and cost of implementing a robust IP based Video Surveillance System
    - Coaxial Connectivity – AHD Cameras support coaxial cable connectivity and coaxial cable can be laid connecting the AHD Camera and DVR running up to several meters by using BNC Connectors at both ends
    - We provide cameras suitable for both Indoor and Outdoor purpose. They are available in various shapes and sizes (Dome, Bullet, Box, High Speed Dome)

  • What is difference between IP and AHD camera?

    Both IP and AHD cameras are provided with CMOS sensor technology, in AHD camera the captured high definition picture is transmitted through coaxial cable as analogue signal where in the IP camera the captured megapixel picture is transmitted through CAT6 cable as digital signal

  • Which one is better IP or AHD?

    It is purely subjective and depends on the need/requirement of the customer. For requirement with high megapixel based CMOS sensor camera technology, theyare? for the moment readily available in IP based Camera

  • What is IP camera?

    The IP camera is referred for cameras supporting RJ45 connectivity. The captured picture is transmitted in digital signal i.e. 0,1. We provide wide array of IP cameras with various megapixel models suitable for both indoor and outdoor application with PoE (power over Ethernet) option

  • What is AHD camera?

    The AHD camera is referred for cameras supporting transmission of High Definition picture in the form of analogue signal through coaxial cable

  • Which camera is best for outdoor IP or AHD?

    We boast various models in both IP and AHD camera technology that are suitable for outdoor application.

  • Which camera is suitable for monitoring the Production unit?

    Both IP and AHD cameras are suitable for Production unit and choice of technology is purely subjective to the customer’s requirement

  • Which type of camera can I use for outdoor monitoring?

    We provide various cameras suitable for outdoor monitoring. Our outdoor cameras are water proof with IP 66 rating. The choice of outdoor camera varies from one customer to another depending on their requirement