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Tyre Killer

The length of the humped type mechanical Tyre killer shall be 7. 5 Mtr(25 Feet) approximately.
Mechanical Tyre Killer to be installed into a reinforced concrete foundation and is designed to withstand at least 50 tons of axle load.
Hump type tyre killer to behave like a bumper when spikes are down
Tyre killer system shall be designed to damage a vehicle by destroying tyres, axles and suspension of motor vehicles
Mechanical steel lever should be given at one end to erect/lower the spikes. The lever should have push button to release and lock. A secondary locking system should also be given in the lever to avoid accidental activation of spikes. Lever should be smooth enough to be easily pushed/pulled by one hand. Lever should be at least 3 feet long to make it easy to use.
Tyre killer system shall be designed to damage a vehicle by destroying tyres, axles and suspension of motor vehicles
There should be a key locking system to hold the Tyre killer in erect stage so that its spike could not be lowered unless unlocked by key.
The hardened spike teeth when erected shall be at least 7 cm above the hump. The spike should be of at least 2.5 cm diameter with a distance of 100 mm eah. The tyre killer should be able to rip the main mechanical elements and spikes forming the construction are manufactured entirely from hardened steel. Opening & closing time shall be less than 2 sec.
All steel plate components to withstand harsh marine environmental conditions.
All the parts of the main body and teeth to be hot dip galvanized/epoxy coated to thickness of 60 micrometers (60μm) in order to prevent rusting.
All the parts shall be coated with primer and subsequent coats of paint.
The tyre killer shall purely be manually operable. No electrical/electronic part required.
Preparation of foundation and any kind of civil work, transportation & packaging will be under vendor’s scope. Road marking shall be done post installation as per NHA standards.
Water should not accumulate in the mechanism channel.
The system to be warranted against all manufacturing defects, faulty workmanship for 24 months from the date of Installation.
Vendor should visit the site before installation to get better understanding of length area and placement.
Rates should be quoted in running feet/meter length.
Approval of Engineer in charge to be taken for finalizing the design. Subsequently any deviation from design without approval of EIC will not be accepted.
All safety rules, permit system and regulations of terminal shall be followed.